Superpowers for storytellers

Incites tells you why your content will work, no matter how you like to tell your story
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Publishers and Newsrooms

Helping editorial teams to plan, develop and optimise their content for maximum impact.

Channel optimisation tips within minutes of posting
Track conversions from article to sign up
Learn what topics are most valuable to your readers

Content Marketers

For brands looking to understand how to convert their content  into customers.

Real-time tips on improving content performance
Understand what content is working at each stage of your sales funnel
Know what topics are resonating with every audience segment
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Digital Marketers

For marketers looking for the learnings behind the performance of their digital assets.

Understand how each audience responds to different versions of your message
Instant campaign analysis within minutes of going live
Plugs into all your internal and external ad platforms
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Personal touch
Insights sent to individuals and teams, tailored to the specific task their are working on
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Precision delivery
Insights are instantly delivered in a personal scrolling feed, via Slack, Teams, email or the Incites custom app
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Scale up
From one user to an entire Enterprise - Incites is built for speed and growth
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Cut to the chase
By removing manual intervention, instant action can be taken, ensuring no opportunity is missed

Friction, removed

We remove the pain of finding and sifting through data to find the nuggets of gold

Fully automated system
Zero training required
Instantly actionable

Ready to supercharge your storytelling?