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Automated insights delivered as messages to
Slack, Teams and everywhere work happens is a Next-Generation Analytics platform that automates insight
discovery using machine learning and natural-language understanding.
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Automated insights that literally tell you
what to do, in simple natural language

Imagine getting data-driven insights sent to you in a personalized newsfeed, around the clock?
Bite-size, digestible ideas that tell you what you need to know, when you need to know it.


See how your business is tracking and stay in control


Know the stories, sites, channels and segments that are making an impact


Get ideas for new articles, topics, subject headings, videos and posts

Automated insights is the future of analytics

Our mission is to simplify the world of data and bring more joy and opportunity to your business.

Insights in seconds

No tags, no complex integration. Create a stream, connect your data and get AI-powered insights delivered to you.

Bye, bye dashboards

See insights that you can scroll. Keeping up with your analytics is now as easy as checking your smartphone.

Hello Messaging App

See insights directly in Slack, MS Teams and your favourite messaging app. Collaborate with teammates and take action.


Get insights delivered anywhere. Hear them in Google Voice, see them in Tableau, PowerBI and any other work tools.

Brands getting automated insights right now

“Incites helps us work out which articles are having the greatest impact with our loyal readers”

Antonia Komarkowski                        Editor, GreekCity Times

“With Incites, I’ve finally figured out how to craft stories that build my SEO traffic over time.”

Maggie Kelly                                    Blogger, Content Editor

“Incites measures impact fast and packages the data up into presentation-ready visuals.”

Billy Falkingham                           Marketing Manager – Medibank

Have data? Let it speak.

Easily connect data to Incites with 1 click from these leading platforms and get ideas within seconds
Google Analytics
Facebook Insights
Instagram Insights
Youtube Analytics
Your Custom Data
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