Incites uses AI to discover ideas
from your data

Using machine learning and natural language understanding, Incites discovers ideas from data automatically. Ideas are posted to you in real-time wherever work happens.

Connect data

With 1 click, provide access to your data, such as Google Analytics

Get insights

See how to create better marketing, drive strategy and performance

Spark ideas

Invite teammates, share ideas and take action

Turns data into ideas

With a range of features that turn your data into simple and actionable ideas, making collaboration and decision-making simpler and smarter.

Ideas from your data as simple sentences

Incites is numbers for words people. Instead of complicated dashboards, what you need to know is explained in short, simple sentences.

Receive ideas wherever you want

Our proprietary Zero-UI-BI™ technology delivers ideas wherever work happens. Hear ideas with Google Voice, see them in Slack, or any other application that you like.
Do you have a Slack account?

Invite teammates and share ideas

Easily discuss data-driven ideas with your teammates. Celebrate success, spot opportunities and flag concerns. Take action and grow.
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