Frequently Asked Questions


How do you ensure that my data will remain private and secure?

In short, we never download all your data. Ever. We only fetch what we need. Our platform only pulls data which is deemed to be necessary to generate an insight. As part of this process, we only store the resulting output of the analysis and any calculations along the way that make it possible to provide insights to you. Anything we keep is stored securely and is not provided to any external service.

Will Incites retain a copy of my data?

Absolutely not! Incites is not a datawarehousing solution. The Incites Core Platform utilises the appropriate APIs associated with the data sources connected to query for data in order to conduct a specific analysis. During this process, Incites securely stores the analysis results only in order to be packaged up and deliver an insight.


Do I need to enter my credit card information in order to sign up?

Nope 🙂 Just enter a few details to instantly setup a team and your own account to start receiving automated insights within seconds.

Can I switch plans at any time?

Definitely! We understand everyone’s needs are constantly changing, so we are flexible to accommodate your needs.

What do I get on a paid plan that I can't get on the Starter plan?

You can get insights from any data source in your tech stack and, get custom insights tailored to your needs. Not only are all of the features of the Starter plan available to you, together we can create custom connectors to be able to pull in data from your own custom data sources. In addition, we can also create custom and specific insights based on your own use-cases. If you love the Starter plan but need some extra customisation, reach out now!


Do I need to implement any ‘Incites’ tracking code on my website?

No! Incites utilises your existing technology stack and queries the appropriate APIs for the services you are already using. All you need to do is setup a new data connection and use OAuth to authorise Incites read access to any service we have a connector for. This ensures all of your data remains with the vendor you have previously selected and we can instantly start analysing existing data. If you want to setup a data connection that we don’t already support, check out our customisation options in our Enterprise plan.

What data sources does Incites support?

Any API! The Incites Core Platform has been built with flexibility and customisation in mind. Out of the box, we currently support data connections to Google Analytics, Facebook, YouTube, and Instagram, however, custom data connections are a fundamental component of our Enterprise plan.

Does Incites integrate with 3rd party apps?

Yes! Not only does Incites connect to various data sources to generate automated insights from, we can also connect to 3rd party apps and push these insights out to other platforms. Out-of-the-box, Incites can push insights generated for a whole team into a single Slack channel through our Slack Integration. If you want to setup a 3rd party app that we don’t already support, check out our customisation options in our Enterprise plan.
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